Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Modern Sewciety Podcast

Earlier this summer, I had the chance to chat with the lovely Stephanie from over at Modern Sewciety for her popular podcast.

It is finally live and now we can all go listen to it!  Fun!!

If you don't already, also subscribe to her podcast via your favorite mobile device.  I find podcasts great to listen to while sewing!  Click HERE to listen to Stephanie and I chat, followed by Stephanie and Jenn Rossotti.  

Monday, August 24, 2015

Glue Basting Binding

I was feeling all crazy yesterday and decided to try a new to me technique: glue basting on a quilt binding.  I know, I know.  I'm probably WAY behind the times on this one.  But just in case you are like me and haven't given this a whirl yet, I thought I'd share what I did.

First off, I used good old fashioned washable Elmer's school glue.  Right now is a GREAT time to buy it because it's super cheap for back to school.  I have some special tips to help you get a really fine line, but I didn't bother with those.  I just used a steady hand and squeeze to push out a VERY small amount onto the fabric.


Then you heat set the glue with your iron. I kept mine at the same heat that I normally have it for pressing.  It only takes a couple of seconds to dry the glue in place.


I'll admit that I couldn't figure out how to turn the binding under without getting glue on my left thumb, but I was just careful with how I used it.  I made sure that I didn't touch anything else with that finger and all was fine.


I experimented with this technique on a smaller quilt so that if I hated it, then I wasn't over committed.  I think I'm getting smarter in my old age.  Normally I would have said "new technique?  Let's make the biggest possible project we can think of!" But this was a very manageable size baby quilt and the pressing and gluing did not take much time.


I was impressed with how well it worked on my corners.  I was most worried about those.  But there were no problems.  I was using a pretty fine weave fabric (an organic cotton by Birch) but it ironed flat and in place no problem.





Once the whole thing was ironed down, I decided to machine stitch the binding (another thing I am experimenting with....normally I'm a die hard hand binder).  This is a baby quilt and I'm finding that things that get laundered A LOT might be better served with a machine binding.  Machine binding literally took me about 5 minutes to sew.  Crazy fast.


I opted to sew from the front of the quilt to the back.  I sewed directly on the binding, though ideally I think I would like to get it so that I am stitching in the ditch next to the binding from the front...that way you really on see the stitches on the back.  Overall I was pleased with how it turned out and I will definitely be trying this again.  Essentially I skipped the step where I would put Clover Wonder Clips normally...AND I was able to sew quickly because there was nothing to remove as I was sewing.


What about you?  Have you done glue basting on your binding before?  Any tips?


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

50% off books and ebooks from Interweave - INCLUDING mine!!

Hey all!  Get it while you can!  Books are 50% off at the Interweave Store and you can snatch up my book, A Quilter's Mixology, for just $14.00  That is less than single patterns these days!  Plus there are bunches others you will want to grab too.  Think about the Christmas Gifts or even treat yourself now that your kids are headed back to school. ;)

Take 50% Off Books and eBooks at Interweave Store

Butterfly Dress Sewing Date

Earlier this summer, my friend Emily was in town to visit her family and she stopped by one evening for a sewing date.  I LOVE when she does this.  She always introduces me to a new pattern and has great projects going.  It is such a treat for me to sew with someone else!  I'm usually creating on my own and trying to keep myself motivated.  That can be hard.

So I was just tickled to have Emily in town and ready to sew.  She had a pattern she was going to sew for her two adorable little girls, the Hummingbird Dress from RabbitRabbitCreation on Etsy and she told me in advance that she was going to do that.  So I decided that I would go ahead and sew one with her as well.  We both picked out our fabrics and met at my house to make them.

And then we just started laughing...


We had picked the EXACT same fabric!  Great minds!!  We both love color and thought that this Lizzy house butterfly fabric from her Natural History line would be perfect for the skirt of the dress.  Emily paired hers with a chambray and I paired mine with the mini pearl bracelets also by Lizzy House.  We both loved each other's choices.


The pattern is a clever little pattern with a back gather and two straps; just perfect for summer girls romping around.  Our two girls are only a year apart but my dress looked so little compared to hers!  


I was worried it wouldn't fit Caitlyn.  But as you can see below, it was perfect.  I love how it looks on her...now I just wish she would wear it more.  She of course decided she doesn't like the blue top.  Le sigh.  I just can't win.  She loved it at first but hasn't worn it again since that first week. 


But I still love it and that is what matters.  I might steal it back from her and donate it to charity if she is not going to wear it.  I think that it would perfect for the Little Dresses for Africa! 

Monday, August 10, 2015


A couple of fun sales running right now!  While you are doing back to school shopping for the kiddos (or avoiding it!) why don't you pick yourself up something fun too?!

Over at Interweave:

Save up to 50% at Interweave with Offer Code REVEALDEAL

And over at the Fat Quarter Shop:

That is some super fun shopping opportunities!  Perhaps pick out a book and then pick up the fabrics for it?  Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Vignette Quilt


Back in the Spring, Laura Gunn sent me some fat quarters from her latest line for Michael Miller fabrics, Vignette.  Those fabrics have been sitting in my sewing room, mocking me...telling me to get a move on and DO something with them.  So I finally did.


I decided on a simple four patch quilt from 5" squares to show off larger chunks of the fabric, but really spread the color out.  This is just one colorway from Laura's line and I love all the fuchsias, aquas and greens.  I pulled some low volume fabrics with the same colors in them from my stash to add a bit of contrast to the saturated prints.


I finished the four patch and decided that it needed a little extra pop.  So I went digging into my stash again (I LOVE using fabric from my stash!  It makes me feel very industrious).  I found the PERFECT match to Laura's line with a few coordinates of some prints that I picked up at Hobby Lobby years ago!  I used all three fabrics: the paisley as a border around the squares on the front, and the two other prints for a pretty pieced back.


Really.  They couldn't match more perfectly.  They look like they were meant to be together.  And I love how I could combine Laura's hand painted designs with something more graphic and geometric with the coordinates I added. Those fabrics had been waiting in my stash JUST for this quilt.


I bound the quilt with what I had left of the low volume prints I used (yay!  so SIX fabrics from my stash were used up with this quilt.) My machine and I were having some differences of opinions when I went to free motion quilt this.  So we took a break from each other and did much better the next day when we could both relax and fiddle more.  I took another attempt at machine sewing the binding...and I'm fairly happy with it.  I'm certainly learning to find some middle ground for when I should hand bind and when I should machine bind.


And so I finished it and took it immediately off to its brand new owner.  She's a whole twelve days old, so she DEFINITELY needed her own quilt.  It will be a while before she grows into it (it's about 50" x 60") but she is already sleeping on it like a pro. ;) She's a third baby in her family and some times those third ones get left out.  But she's far too pretty to be left out...so she needed that quilt just for her.  Though I hear her siblings have already been enjoying it for her. ;) As siblings will do. 


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Shabby Fabrics Sponsored GIVEAWAY!

*the giveaway is now closed*

We haven't done a good old fashioned giveaway just for fun around here in a quite a while.  So I'm so pleased today to share this one with you all, compliments of one of my sponsors, Shabby Fabrics.

A $20 gift certificate is going to one lucky reader!  And that gives you the opportunity to purchase anything you want from Shabby Fabrics.  I love the flexibility of gift certificates.

But not only is there a winner, Shabby Fabrics is also offering  a coupon for 10% off of an entire order for ALL my readers!  Yay!   The code is SFPIECES10  and is valid through Friday.  So get yourselves shopping!!

Here's just a few fun things that I found while running around on the site.... so tempting to buy them all!!


Go Find your own goodies!!


To enter the giveaway for the $20 gift certificate, leave a comment below.  

I've been teaching my daughter SLOWLY how to swim...I'd love if anyone has any suggestions for that!  Or any funny stories about learning or NOT learning to swim yourselves.  

Good luck!

Congratulations to the lucky winner! #16 Sandra W
"My advice about learning how to swim is the same for learning to drive a car--as a parent, don't do it! Get an outsider to do it. For swimming, try a local swimming pool, community center, and so on."


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